Subaru is Releasing the BRZ tS in Japan Only!

Last summer, Subaru enthusiasts heard the hype that that STi version of the BRZ may be in line next. Unfortunately, that never happened but Subaru did tease for the BRZ tS model that was unveiled recently.


I am still new to the car culture and didn’t know what the “tS ” stood for. Using the power of Google, it stands for “Tuned by STI”. Not much can be said since the car isn’t getting any beefier and instead will be lighter, which means it will have the same 200 horsepower we have come to love…or hate.

Looks like there will be two versions of this lightweight BRZ: BRZ tS and BRZ tS GT-Package. The GT-Package model will receive a carbon-fiber rear spoiler and black, lightweight wheels, “STI” kidney grille inserts, exclusive fog light surrounds, a front lip spoiler and side extensions. The interior of the “GT-Package” gets Recaro seats, shift knob, and a steering wheel pad.


Performance wise, it will have an upgraded Bilstein suspension system, Brembo brakes, and a strengthened driveshaft. From the owners on the forums who own the BRZ, suspension and handling were quite impressive so I’m sure having another level of upgraded parts will make the driving better and more fun around the twisty corners.


Subaru also mentioned that it will only produce 750 units of the the tS model, with 500 of them being the standard BRZ tS and 250 being the BRZ tS GT-Package.

Luckily, for the DIYers, we don’t have to wait to get our hands on this model as we can purchase the BRZ and upgrade it however we like with some aftermarket parts.


Did anyone buy a BRZ lately? I wouldn’t mind having one parked next to my STi…

What are your thoughts?


– Harry


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