The Redesigned 2015 WRX STi Review…Part 2

Continuing on from the last post, im going to discuss more on the new suspension.


Most will agree that the previous generations of the STi was soft especially in the suspension. Every model was upgraded with small increments, but the chassis still wasn’t up to par to make the best use of the STi’s drive train, while the migration to the new platform does. The structure boasts more high-strength steel which is further backed by uprated springs, dampers, cross members and suspension bushings. The result is a front suspension with lateral stiffness that’s up by 14 percent, and a rear suspension that’s improved by 38 percent compared to the current STi.

As I stated in my last post, the price difference between an STi and WRX is about $10,000. Don’t get me wrong. I think Subaru is going in the right direction but at a snail’s pace. However, coming from the aftermarket world, you can easily pay for better quality parts to gain the same effect or better by spending less. One of the first mods I did was upgrade the sway bars from stock to Whiteline (22f/ 22r) and the endlinks to Kartboy. They also allow for adjusting from a soft setting to firm to help with understeer.  It is the perfect combination for street driving and spirited runs.


Along with that, I am getting a list of bushings and mounts to further stiffen the suspension. I recently picked up a Perrin Pitch Mount to stiffen the drive train to relieve the car from slop under hard acceleration. I hope to install it in the next few weeks when winter if finally gone.

Perrin Pitch Mount


Let me know your thoughts in the comments section. Thanks.


– Harry


3 Replies to “The Redesigned 2015 WRX STi Review…Part 2”

  1. Does ur whiteline sway bar do a good job? because the under steering of STi is pretty serious, I going to.change my swaybar this summer, but i consider to go for 22f/24r for decrasing the understeering…..


    1. The whiteline sway bars do work well. I chose 22f/22r for daily driving. It really depends on how you drive your car. If you choose to increase the rear sway bar to 24r be aware that you’ll feel more harshness on the roads. Also, try to get adjustable bars to increase the rigidity from soft to firm if needed.


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