DIY: How to Install a Catback Exhaust

Anyone looking to install an aftermarket catback exhaust themselves can follow this video uploaded by SmurfinWRX on Youtube. His videos are pretty easy to follow and should be subscribed to help him make more. I’ll also add it to the DIY – Videos Page to locate easily.

In this video, he shows which tools are needed and the steps necessary to un-install the stock catback and apply the Cobb Exhaust. This clip should apply to any aftermarket exhaust as long as it mates up to the stock downpipe. You may need to adjust the hangers so that its fitted correctly and visually aesthetic as well.

I currently have the SPT exhaust mated to a Cobb catted downpipe. Im looking to swap out the whole turboback with the Turbo XS kit. Anyone have this exact setup installed and tuned? I would love to hear some sound notes. The ones on youtube dont have a complete turboback from TurboXS.

Any comments and replies are appreciated.

– Harry

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