The search for Ruby…

I doubt anyone is reading these posts but Ive been pretty busy these last two months due to the search of a car.  I started a search for my 2012 Lightning Red 4dr STi Ltd (aka Ruby). After a few days of scouring the United States, I ended up ordering the car through Valley Stream Subaru in Queens, NY.

I decided to go this route because of a few factors. Ive always wanted a sports car with little mods as possible. Coming from a Honda/ Acura background, it wasnt enough to buy a particular car and start adding cosmetic parts to make it look aggressive. It didnt help to upgrade the internal parts for more horsepower.

The last few designs on the honda/ acura cars didnt really say sports rally. My friend recently picked up the 2012 WRX in World Rally Blue. It looked pretty aggressive and was in manual. I didnt know how to drive manual either but I got curious as to what Subaru had to offer.


Ultimately, I ended up picking the STi. It had everything I wanted. The aggressive wide body look, the rear wing spoiler, better suspension and brembo brakes, the BBS Rims are sick! Overall, i never seen anyone drive a red STi on the east coast before so I wanted to be different and go all out Sport Rally. I truly believe you get the most bang for your buck at under $35K.

Since the dealer told me that it would take 6-8 weeks to arrive from Japan, I had to do a few things before it arrived.

  1. Sell my 2004 Acura TSX
  2. Learn how to drive manual
  3. Research for rally parts

I ordered the car on 5/2/2012 and received a VON (Vehicle Order Number) the same day. 8 weeks past by and ended up calling Subaru of America. Guess what happened next?


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