The Search For Ruby Part 2…

After waiting over 8 weeks and selling my Acura, I get a call from the dealer that “Ruby” has stopped production to make room for the 2013 models. I was beyond furious and contacted Subaru of America to complain. The only solution that was offered by them was to place a 2013 order. I asked for some type of compensation and SOA couldnt comply until delivery of the car. That would force me to wait til the end of the year to get it. Ultimately, I decided to cancel my order and look for the regular base model of the 2012 STi.

A week later I found a Obisidian Black Pearl 4 door sedan STi in Long Island with 11 miles on it. After some negotiations and options to be installed, I walked out with a brand new car!!

Unfortunately, I dont have a good camera to showcase the car but the iPhone will have to do. I will post pics up as soon as I can. Like every male car owner, I’ve aways had a name for all ladies in my life. My 98 Honda Accord was named Olivia for the Dark Emerald Green color, my 04 Acura TSX was named Silvia for the Satin Silver color. Since the STi is black, I am trying to figure out what name suits it best. I love the old soulful names. If I had found the Lightning Red color, it would have been named Ruby from the blog title. Im actually sadden with the fact I couldn’t get the exact car I wanted.

Should I stick with the name Ruby or associate the car with its color? I love to hear some feedback on names. Thanks for reading.


The search for Ruby…

I doubt anyone is reading these posts but Ive been pretty busy these last two months due to the search of a car.  I started a search for my 2012 Lightning Red 4dr STi Ltd (aka Ruby). After a few days of scouring the United States, I ended up ordering the car through Valley Stream Subaru in Queens, NY.

I decided to go this route because of a few factors. Ive always wanted a sports car with little mods as possible. Coming from a Honda/ Acura background, it wasnt enough to buy a particular car and start adding cosmetic parts to make it look aggressive. It didnt help to upgrade the internal parts for more horsepower.

The last few designs on the honda/ acura cars didnt really say sports rally. My friend recently picked up the 2012 WRX in World Rally Blue. It looked pretty aggressive and was in manual. I didnt know how to drive manual either but I got curious as to what Subaru had to offer.


Ultimately, I ended up picking the STi. It had everything I wanted. The aggressive wide body look, the rear wing spoiler, better suspension and brembo brakes, the BBS Rims are sick! Overall, i never seen anyone drive a red STi on the east coast before so I wanted to be different and go all out Sport Rally. I truly believe you get the most bang for your buck at under $35K.

Since the dealer told me that it would take 6-8 weeks to arrive from Japan, I had to do a few things before it arrived.

  1. Sell my 2004 Acura TSX
  2. Learn how to drive manual
  3. Research for rally parts

I ordered the car on 5/2/2012 and received a VON (Vehicle Order Number) the same day. 8 weeks past by and ended up calling Subaru of America. Guess what happened next?