My First Car…Olivia

Continued…from the first blog.

I ended up going with the 98 Honda Accord Coupe. It was a shimmering emerald green color. It was different in the fact that at night, the car looked black. I decided to name her Olivia. It had the stock rear wing spoiler. It was by far anything but fancy. Since it was purchased at an auction, I knew the car wasnt perfect. One major problem was that the driver seat was leather interior and had a deep cut in the seat. I thought I could easily swap it out for another on ebay. The fact that i considered changing the seat, I wanted to do more with it. I wanted to get a body kit for it as well. Then I considered all the costs and it didnt make sense to do all this work for a four cylinder car. The upgrades were all cosmetics and didnt know anything about performance. I wasnt going to be another ricer.

I gave up the idea on trying to mod Olivia. A year and a half later, gave her up on Craigslist. It was sad to see her go but I decided if i wanted to mod a car I wanted to be something fast. Having saved enough money to consider financing another car, I went towards something within the same family as the Accord.

Enjoying the gas prices back then, I looked around for something that wouldnt kill the pocket but something a bit sportier but within the same class. After 6 months of searching, I ended up with the 04 Acura TSX. Her name was Silvia and was CPO. I bought her back in 2008 with only 30k miles on it.

Do you think it was a good upgrade from Olivia? Let me know.

Pics to follow…


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