My First Car…Olivia

Continued…from the first blog.

I ended up going with the 98 Honda Accord Coupe. It was a shimmering emerald green color. It was different in the fact that at night, the car looked black. I decided to name her Olivia. It had the stock rear wing spoiler. It was by far anything but fancy. Since it was purchased at an auction, I knew the car wasnt perfect. One major problem was that the driver seat was leather interior and had a deep cut in the seat. I thought I could easily swap it out for another on ebay. The fact that i considered changing the seat, I wanted to do more with it. I wanted to get a body kit for it as well. Then I considered all the costs and it didnt make sense to do all this work for a four cylinder car. The upgrades were all cosmetics and didnt know anything about performance. I wasnt going to be another ricer.

I gave up the idea on trying to mod Olivia. A year and a half later, gave her up on Craigslist. It was sad to see her go but I decided if i wanted to mod a car I wanted to be something fast. Having saved enough money to consider financing another car, I went towards something within the same family as the Accord.

Enjoying the gas prices back then, I looked around for something that wouldnt kill the pocket but something a bit sportier but within the same class. After 6 months of searching, I ended up with the 04 Acura TSX. Her name was Silvia and was CPO. I bought her back in 2008 with only 30k miles on it.

Do you think it was a good upgrade from Olivia? Let me know.

Pics to follow…


My First Car

This story dates back 10 years ago…

I know nothing about cars except how to drive one. Some of my friends would laugh at that statement and say I drive like a grandmother…LOL! (There’s a good reason for that. We’ll save that for another time)

I got my driver license at the age of 20. Most of my friends at the time in high school were already driving and weren’t in beat up cars either. One of my friends had a red BMW 3 series and another had a white Toyota MR2. I never had an interest in cars. My interests were breaking apart computers and rebuilding it piece by piece. Eventually, I knew a car would help me get to places faster than the train.

The main reason like many other young male adults wanted a car, was to pick up women or street race, especially if you’re Asian. I fall into this category! I wasn’t thrilled to take the R train for 2 hours from queens to brooklyn (And that’s one way!) to go see my girlfriend at the time.  I eventually saved enough money to go to a car auction and buy my first car!!

I looked around for a few hours to see what I could afford. My options were looking good. Growing up with fellow asians influenced me to go the “ricer” way. If you dont know what a ricer car is, click on the link below:

I definitely wanted a japanese car but wasn’t sure which one. Not knowing a single thing about cars and what they’re worth, I walked towards the following based on looks…

  1. 1998 Green Honda Accord Coupe 4cyl with spoiler (auto)
  2. 2000 Silver Acura RSX with wing spoiler (manual)
  3. 2003 Blue Subaru WRX STI with wing spoiler (manual)

Which do you think I ended up with??

Post your comments and find out in the next blog…

– Harry Seto