2018 Subaru WRX STI

Yesterday, Subaru released new information on their new, not so new rally bred classic. For the STI, I like the new bumper, upgraded calipers and rotors. The Recaro seats are always a nice sight to see when walking to your car. I am curious to know how the 19 inch wheels will play a factor while the WRX gets 18 inch wheels. I suspect that there will be many swap posts on Nasioc and IWSTI.

Read the below according to Subaru.

The 2018 Subaru WRX STI

The new key features to mention are the following:

  • Revised front styling for a more aggressive look
  • Suspension optimized for better handling and ride comfort
  • New 19-inch wheels, upgraded Brembo® brakes and revised DCCD All-Wheel Drive give WRX STI wider performance envelope
  • New available Recaro® power seats
  • Performance Package option for WRX models
  • New EyeSight® Driver Assist Technology safety features
  • Upgraded interior materials and quieter cabin

A restyled front fascia WRX and WRX STI shows a sportier attitude, highlighted by a more pronounced grille design, along with a larger lower grille opening. The WRX Limited and all STI feature redesigned LED Steering Responsive Headlights that help illuminate curves in nighttime driving. For greater versatility, all WRX and STI models now feature new roof rack mounting brackets.

WRX 2018

The WRX features new front and rear suspension tuning for improved steering stability and ride comfort, while retaining the car’s high cornering performance capability. Subaru significantly enhanced shifter feel for the 6-speed manual transmission, with a new synchro design and reduced friction, along with smoother clutch take-up. The WRX electric power steering (EPS) was revised to provide an even smoother, more natural feel, while integrating the steering motor and electronic control unit reduces weight.

A new optional Performance Package for the WRX Premium features Recaro 8-way power seats, red-painted brake calipers and upgraded JURID brake pads, and deletes the moonroof to reduce weight. The standard 18-inch wheels feature a bold new double-spoke design.

WRX STI 2018

A comprehensive handling enhancement for the 2018 STI includes the revised suspension tuning as featured on the WRX, plus a revised DCCD AWD system, significantly upgraded brakes and this model’s first-ever 19-inch wheels. The DCCD system, which previously used a combination of mechanical and electronic center limited slip differential control, now uses electronic control for quicker and smoother response. The 19-inch alloy wheels feature a striking Y-shaped spoke design and carry 245/35R19 tires that help raise cornering performance while giving the STI an even more aggressive stance.

The yellow-painted brake calipers identify a significantly upgraded Brembo Performance Brake System that now uses stronger monoblock 6-piston calipers in front, monoblock 2-piston calipers in the rear and larger, drilled rotors all around for better heat dissipation. New brake pads provide significantly greater surface area for improved braking feel and fade resistance. The STI also offers the Recaro seats (standard on STI Limited, optional for base trim).

Improved Usability with a Sporting Edge
The everyday usability that has contributed to WRX and STI popularity gets even better for 2018. All models feature upgraded interior materials, rear seat armrest with cup holders, redesigned interior door grips and faster remote trunk opening.

New measures that reduce unwanted noise include thicker door glass, revised door sealing and a foam-filled windshield header beam. A new, larger high-definition multi-function display (5.9-inch vs. 4.3-inch before) makes it easier to see vehicle functions at a glance. WRX Limited models feature power driver’s seat lumbar adjustment. The standard WRX adds heated exterior mirrors (already standard on others), while the WRX Premium upgrades to a SUBARU STARLINK™ 7.0” multimedia unit from the previous STARLINK 6.2” unit.

Subaru revised the front structure of the WRX and WRX STI for enhanced frontal collision performance. The WRX Limited, when equipped with EyeSight Driver Assist Technology now features Vehicle Hold (AVH), and a new EyeSight Assist Monitor (EAM). The EAM uses LED indicators to display EyeSight status and alerts on the windshield, allowing the driver to see them without diverting eyes from the road ahead. The AVH feature replaces the Hill Holder and Hill Start Assist functions and offers greater functionality, holding the vehicle on all road grades, not only inclines. For example, AVH can help reduce driver fatigue by holding the car at traffic lights, and then can seamlessly transition to acceleration.


I am happy that Subaru decided to upgrade all parts to make the classic rally car what it is. The only downside is we’re still on the SAME motor. The EJ25 at 305hp hasn’t changed in over 10 years. Time is running out for Subaru to come up with a new motor or use the FA.

What are your thoughts??




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Cusco Steering Rack and Super Pro Bushings Review and Install

Cusco Steering Rack and Super Pro Bushings


In this new post, I will discuss the Cusco Steering Rack and Super Pro Bushings installation. I purchased this combo from SMY Performance who always provide the best prices compared to other competitors. A big thank you to Yanev as usual.

Before we start on the install, lets talk about what the benefits are of having these aftermarket products.

Cusco vs OEM


The Cusco Power Steering Rack Brace Subaru is a direct replacement of the stock OEM unit specifically designed for the vehicle by Cusco. The Cusco brace is much stronger compared to the OEM unit and will improve the steering response of the vehicle, moreover will also prevent unwanted steering backlash to the steering rack.

What this means is that you get a tighter and firmer steering response, less vibration to the steering wheel, and prevent unwanted horizontal movement in the front steering rack and cross member area. This will assist with better overall control of the car. You will feel an immediate difference once installed.

Cusco vs OEM 3


Cusco vs OEM 2From the images above, you can tell the brace is slightly thicker than OEM, ridigity is much stronger, and comes in the coated classic Cusco blue.

While you’re under the car swapping out the steering rack brace, it is also a good idea to change the bushings as well. I chose to go with the Super Pro polyurethane bushings as the company offers a lifetime warranty on all of their products and performs well under harsh conditions.


This kit has been proven to dramatically improve the handling and feel of the car. By replacing the original rubber mountings with the specially designed polyurethane mounts, you can dramatically increase the feedback from the road through the steering, giving a more involving, informative, and safer driving vehicle. One of the things that draws enthusiasts to a given car is it’s dynamic feedback.  This part is small and inexpensive, but helps transform the steering feel in the car providing a much better read on what the front tires are doing from behind the wheel.

I followed the installation instructions from this link:


It was very thorough with the removal of parts and installation. Once everything is installed, test out the alignment by driving around. It should not be effected by the install but may adjust the alignment slightly. You will immediately feel the difference of turn ratio and firmness. I believe for less than two hundred dollars, this is a great inexpensive upgrade that everyone should perform. As far as difficulty, I would give this 2.5 out of 5. It can be achieved with jackstands, ramps, and or home lifts. Otherwise, take your car to the mechanic and have them put it on the lift. It would be easier to see the components along with the removal of the crossmember brace.

This is what the steering rack and bushings look like once installed.

Cusco Steering Rack Installed Super Pro steering rack bushings


***On a side note, since the crossmember brace is removed for access to the steering rack and bushings, you might as well install the crossmember bushings. You can check out the product here:


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